Enjoy Your Holiday In The Wonderful Gambia

thorntree lodge zambia

Enjoy Your Holiday In The Wonderful Gambia

Thortree Lodge Zambia has been operating for over 30 years and is still as popular as ever. A great deal of the appeal comes from its rustic charm, its location and its many amenities. There is no place like home on the open plains of Zambia. You can take a short hike into the reserve and find wild animals such as elephants and hippos, but it’s best to avoid them at night as they are extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

The lodge itself is built on the banks of the River Lolo and is surrounded by the Lolo National Park. This park is home to a number of threatened species and you need permission to enter it. This is simple to get through the Zambian government. They will walk you through all the necessary papers and explanation in the language of the local people. Once this is done, you are on your own to explore the various attractions and wildlife that Thortree Lodge has to offer.

You can start off your tour by heading out into the Thortree Wildlife Reserve. This is an eight hundred thousand acre park with many different types of animals. Some of which include big herds of elephants, rhinos and lions. It also boasts numerous water sources and is a habitat to a wide variety of birds and even monkeys! There are also the Malindi baboons who inhabit this reserve but are not endangered.

If you are looking for something a little more cosy and quiet then the lodge will have many activities for you to partake in. The pool area is large enough for individuals to swim and the beach has comfortable and sheltered sand. It is possible to spend a lovely evening swimming and relaxing next to the pool. There are also many game rooms in which you can play a range of sports. If you enjoy golf then there are three golf courses on the property.

If you are into mountain climbing or camping, then this is the place for you. There are many wonderful views from the top so you can enjoy breath taking scenery. It also has a great base camp that you can use for trekking and other adventure activities. It has a number of beautiful campsites.

It also has a great restaurant where you can sit down with your family and enjoy some quality meals. The meal is served in a natural bush kitchen that uses local foods. The atmosphere of the dining room is very relaxed and makes you want to spend more time here. It also has a bar which has a relaxing ambience. There are also a couple of guest cottages available on hire. They are well designed with their own private balconies.

The staff at the Thorntree Lodge Zambia offer warm welcome and are happy to answer all your questions. They are knowledgeable and friendly and make you feel right at home. Their attention to detail means that you will also receive the best accommodation and food that you can possibly find.

The price of your stay is going to be determined according to your requirements, the size of the accommodation and the location of the lodge. The price does not include the cost of meals and drinks. You may have to pay taxes on activities that you wish to participate in as part of your trip. If you have never stayed at a lodge before you might want to consider taking a tour operator into the country to help plan your trip. It is sure to be an enjoyable experience and one you will remember for years to come!