Enjoy Your Holiday in Zambia & Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a very large waterfall located in southwestern Africa, providing habitat for many different species of animals and plants. It is situated on the international border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is regarded as one of the largest waterfalls in the world due to its considerable width of over 1,082 m. Victoria Falls attracts a large number of visitors each year from around the globe. Some of the more popular destinations that have made use of Victoria Falls as their backdrop include Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada and even America.

Victoria Falls was created when the Zambezi River overflowed and submerged some parts of land. This huge volume of water came about because of heavy rain and flooding. The combined effects of the rainfall and the overflowing waters caused the surrounding rocks to break loose and slide down the river creating the impressive falls.

The Victoria Falls area was actually once part of a larger network called the Great Bighorn Hills. This was later changed when the Romans began building forts there. These forts were later to become Monet’s Gardens. The first of these forts still exists today, although it is only used as a photography subject. Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas remain home to many different types of animals including crocodiles, hippos, alligators, and elephants.

The Victoria Falls can be seen from a very long distance and some of its attendant activities make viewing it even easier. In fact, you may be surprised just how many things can be seen from this vantage point! There are also a wide variety of accommodation options available at the Falls. Most of these offer the opportunity to stay at eye-catching guesthouses, hotels, campsites, and lodges. There are also a few guesthouses/campsites that provide accommodation and amenities for groups.

If you enjoy wildlife then you will love the chance to photograph it at its best in the Victoria Falls. There are several areas that offer opportunities to photograph an array of animals including a large variety of African mammals, reptiles, and birds. Many of the animals are newly born, whereas others have been at the Falls for years. There are also numerous species of birds to view including the Royal Gramma, Royal Terns, and Black Skinks.

Those who like geology will be pleased to know that there are many geologist sights to see in Zambia. There are many interesting outcrops which allow you to get close to the beautiful scenery and observe the movement of various minerals. You will also be able to view many underground caves. It is possible to go on trekking tours through some of the caves and there are even some opportunities to learn about some of the history of the caves and the mineral wealth beneath them.

Victoria Falls offers many different routes to take you to the Falls, with many starting from Victoria Falls National Park. A popular route is to take the Zebra Falls Huts or Zebra Falls tram. Other exciting options include walking the short cable car to the Falls or taking a cable walk which gives you amazing views over the falls.

The Victoria Falls region is an area of great natural beauty. You can spend several days enjoying the wonders of this amazing natural region and still not see all that there is to see. This is why it is possible to organize a holiday rental in Zambia or Victoria Falls where you can stay just where you want to without having to worry about accommodation. Holiday rentals allow you to relax in luxury and still have a lot to do and see while you are there.