Exciting Activities on a Holiday in Zambia

You do not have to be a well-traveled African explorer to love and experience the Zambia Victoria Falls. It is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, attracting people from all over the globe to explore. It is also home to one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world, the biggest waterfall in the world. If you want to see this majestic sight without traveling across the globe, you can simply visit Zambia and schedule a holiday in Zambia. This is one of the best ways to see the incredible majesty that is Zambia.

holiday in zambia victoria falls

Your holiday in Zambia can include a trip to Victoria Falls. However, it is best to go during the months of April and May when the falls are at their most stunning. During the peak summer months, the waters of Victoria Falls tend to be cooler. Many tourists prefer to visit during the summer months so they can truly appreciate the true magnificence of the Victoria Falls.

While you are on safari in Zambia, you will also enjoy the hot desert summers. In fact, Zambia is considered one of the hottest destinations for summer safaris. July and August can be especially hot, but temperatures are moderate by late September or early October. This is a wonderful time to head out with your family to observe the wildlife in the area.

A Zambia safari also takes you to one of the best protected parks in Africa. The Selous is a nature reserve that offers magnificent scenery and numerous attractions. This area is surrounded by other national parks and conservation areas. You can choose to tour the whole park or just visit parts that interest you. There are also numerous game reserves and nature camps in the area, which make it a popular destination for all types of travelers.

When you travel to Zambia, you will want to consider staying at a luxury lodge. Hotels in Zambia are plentiful and quite affordable. You can also experience a traditional lodge if this fits your budget. The lodges range from luxurious resorts to backpackers accommodations. The choice is yours as to what suits your needs and budget.

For those interested in experiencing an adventure holiday, the Zimani Garden is an exciting venue that provides a great view of the river. The Zimani River Cruise boat is another great way to see the many wonders of the river. There are also a number of water sports and other activities that many tourists enjoy. Water sports such as canoeing and kayaking are available and many tourists find this activity relaxing and enjoyable.

When you take a Zambia safari, you can also sample some local cuisine. Many tourists who have been on a Zambia safari describe dishes that are cooked on stoves and that taste like home-cooked meals that they have grown up eating. Restaurants that cater to tourists are abundant and offer something for every taste palette. From African fusion dishes to traditional South African fare, there is a restaurant for every taste and budget.

Holiday seekers are encouraged to explore both the historical and modern cultures that make Zambia so interesting. Crown Town and the surrounding areas of Luangwa, Maun among Swarovski crystal and beads are ideal holiday destinations for tourists who enjoy exploring the beautiful outdoors and shopping for unique items. The holiday season in Zambia can be a thrilling time for all who seek a warm climate, refreshing beaches and shopping that are truly exotic. Visitors can find a holiday rental in Zambia which suits their needs and then enjoy the fun and excitement that come with visiting the crown town and the surrounding areas.