Leave Days In Zambia For Your Next Safari

The four best African destinations to visit during your holiday in Zambia are the Victoria Falls, the Malindi desert, the Okavango Delta and the Livingstone hills. Victoria Falls is regarded as the largest drop in the world with a drop of over two hundred miles, so it is one of the most memorable places to visit when you visit Zambia. However, the Victoria Falls tour does not include a day or two at the Falls itself as well as a lot of walking around. If you do want to see all of the Falls then you need to plan a tour that takes you through all of the main zones – Victoria, Zambia and the Okavango Delta. Most tour operators will also include this additional element at a reasonable price so you can easily include it into your budget. Otherwise you will need to book separately.

leave days in zambia

The beautiful Malindi safari offers visitors the chance to go deep into the dry Andean jungle, viewing amazing waterfalls and ancient tribal ruins. However, there are a limited number of lodges and campsites to stay at in Malindi. That makes the safari more intimate and enjoyable for families with younger children. If you wish to tour the Falls and then take a leave after you have explored the region, you may be able to arrange a tour of the Falls in late April, early May, or mid-June 2020. The rates for the tour usually begin at Zanzibar and continue on to Malindi and the Falls.

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world, and is a popular destination with families on an African safari. With plenty of holiday villas, lodges and campsites located close to the coast, you can leave the morning and return to a relaxed and carefree holiday feeling in July and August. Some tours of the region offer daily tours and some even offer guided safaris to explore the delta and surrounding area.

If you want to leave on your own in July or August, the best months to plan your African safari are from May to September. The long months in between do not disappoint with many exciting and popular destination options to choose from in Africa. From giraffes in Okavango to lions in the Okavango Delta, there are lots of wildlife hotspots to observe on your safari in Zambia. You may also want to spend a couple of days in Bwindi to experience the town and its surroundings. Planning your African safari to Zambia on or around this time period, will help ensure that you have enough time to enjoy all that Africa has to offer in these months.

The month of June is a great time to plan an African safari in Zambia as you will be able to leave on your African safari trip with the promise of a hot and dry climate. This means you will have plenty of opportunity to see lions in the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve as well as other big cats such as the leopard. Leaving on the right hand side of this month will allow you the best chance of getting to Machu Picchu, the amazing Inca citadel. An African safari to the African continent during the month of June gives you the opportunity to view some stunning scenery including Mt. Kenya, the Indian Ocean, the Victoria Falls and many other attractions.

African safaris in Zambia can take place between the months of October and December. With this in mind, it is possible that you plan your African safari to Zambia vacation in the months of October and December, when it is still cool outside but the air temperatures have already dropped. This will also give you the best chance of observing some wild animals like the antelopes in the Masai Mara, as well as the blue buffalo in the Chobe National Park.

It is important to remember that African safaris in Zambia are not suitable for all budgets. If you are planning to travel in your own car and not hire a tour guide, then it will be a wise decision to book flights to Zambia using affordable African travel deals. You will be able to save a lot of money on your African safari vacation by doing so. However, if you decide to go on an all inclusive safari package that includes meals, drinks, and transportation, then it will be important to make extra arrangements for other activities during your trip such as overnight lodgings.

Your family may want to stay at a lodge where they can leave their children and enjoy the beautiful outdoors while being pampered. There are many lodges offering these options. Many lodges have amenities such as heated swimming pools, children’s play areas, Jacuzzi tubs, and many more. If you have chosen to remain in a lodge, it will be important to make arrangements for leave days in Zambia prior to your departure date. Some lodges will not allow you to leave until a specified date; therefore it is important to find out before hand if you can plan your trip accordingly.