Taking a Trip to Zambia

If ever there was a place that should be featured in a wildlife photography on safari, it would be Zambia. With its diverse landscape, unique wildlife and beautiful parks, it is a great place to photography safaris. It is also a popular destination for film crews. Many tourists like to take part in wildlife photography safaris in Zambia. And why not?

Zambia, in southwestern Africa, is a landlocked country with vast wilderness and varied wildlife, with most parks and game drives being in close proximity to each other. At its western border with Zimbabwe is the famous Victoria Falls – or Mosi-Ote-Arief – Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Sprawling across yawning chasms and falling over massive rocks from hundreds of meters above is the Victoria Falls, which boasts the highest waterfall in the world. On its way towards Zimbabwe are other beautiful landmarks including the Antongia Falls, Chimborous Park and Lake Magadi. On its way towards Zambia, the journey will pass through Victoria Falls where you can view the spectacular scene from the observation platform. On the Zambia Zimbabwe border, you will be able to see the amazing Victoria Falls and the Ratnado Falls, all of which offer great photo opportunities.

While in Zambia, you will be treated to meals that are prepared by local cooks and are influenced by traditional Zambian cuisine. The dishes are light and typically include meat, vegetables, fruits, rice and beans, but with an emphasis on local produce. Meals at hotels and restaurants often include Zebra Fruits, Southern African Rooibos and other sweet treats. There are also plenty of tapas bars and restaurants in Zambia to keep you filled with interesting options for meals one week at a time.

When you travel to Lusaka, Zambia you will be greeted warmly upon arrival and you will be able to look around freely without being monitored by security personnel. However, as you venture out of the hotel and into the city, you will need to beware of pickpockets and thieves. It is highly recommended that you carry money and other valuables with you and use hotel credit cards. You will also need to make arrangements for transport to and from the airport in case you have to remain overnight at the lodges.

There are many lodges, hotels and campsites available in Zambia and it can be overwhelming choosing which one to stay in depending on what you are looking for when it comes to a holiday in Zambia. If you are travelling to Lusaka with your family, you will find that there are lodges and hotels with kids clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, barbecue spots and more for families. For singles or other tourists who would like to explore Zambia on their own, there are lodges and hotels to suit your budget and lifestyle. Your trip to Zambia will be one to remember, so plan it carefully.

Victoria Falls is regarded as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. In Zambia, you will be able to view Victoria Falls from one of the most popular viewing points: the Victoria Falls tourist village. Within a few hours of Victoria Falls, you can get to the Zambian side and visit some of the national parks such as Lusaka, Twyford and Moremi.

The first thing you should do upon arrival into Zambia is to check out some of the wonderful wine and food stores in town. While you are in town, you should also visit some of the museums and national parks that are a part of the Zanzibar archipelago. A few days after you have enjoyed your time in Victoria Falls, you will want to try some of the great safari game drives in Zambia. These game drives give you the opportunity to drive through some of the most amazing scenery in Africa. Once you arrive at your travel destination, you will have plenty to keep you occupied by taking in some of the many museums and local attractions that Lusaka has to offer.

You will likely want to visit Lusaka again before you leave the country for your next trip. Because of its history and all of the sights that you can see in the national parks, it is recommended that you spend at least a day in Lusaka visiting the memorial base where liberation fighters spent their final moments. There are many interesting sites from the 1950s up to present that can be explored while you are in the city of Lusaka. With so much to do in Zambia, you will likely be able to add many more stops to your list before you leave for your second trip to Zambia. Once you have returned home, you will be excited to go back to your second place in Zambia!