Zambia and Zimbabwe – An Adventure in the African Wild

Zambia-Zimbabwe relationships are primarily bilateral relationships between Zambia and Zimbabwe, both former countries that were once united. However, the borders have been repeatedly crossed by Zambia and Zimbabwe for decades. In recent times, Zambia has emerged as one of the most prosperous countries in the African continent. The people of Zambia enjoy a strong constitutional system with freedom of speech and press, a free and fair election process, and a moderate form of government. Since independence in Zambia in 1980, Zambia has enjoyed a strong and vibrant economy, which has enabled it to progress towards the level of developed nations.

Recently, however, certain regions in Zambia began to succumb to political and security threats from Zimbabwe and Namibia. These areas have been subjected to illegal mining and poaching, which are causing serious problems for the local people and communities, and the international community as well. At the same time, political infighting has weakened the national unity government in Zambia, and the formation of a national African Unity Government (AUD) has failed to resolve these issues. There are fears that the divide in Zambia and Zimbabwe will result in further balkanization of the African continent, with some countries of the region moving towards the political front of one nation or the other. Some countries like Kenya have considered recognizing the Mswa East-fries, a part of Zambia, as an independent entity, given that the Mswa area shares borders with both Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Zambia shares borders with Namibia, Comino, Ikshekhar, and parts of Lesotho. It has substantial mineral and coal deposits, with substantial quantities of gold and silver also being accessible through exploration. Tourism is one of the country’s sources of revenue, contributing over half the gross domestic product. Many tourists visit the country annually, many spending time enjoying their natural beauty and safari pursuits in the various parks, game reserves, and tourist sites. The tourism industry is largely developed, and there are now hotels and guest houses throughout the country.

Victoria Falls, situated on the Zambezi River, is one of the largest falls in the world, boasting a height of heights of over 5m. Victoria Falls is popular not only for its natural beauty but also for its lucrative business opportunities it offers to tourists. There are several international flights to Victoria Falls, and Victoria Falls tour packages can be arranged by travel agents. Other important attractions in Zambia include the Zimani Gate, the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Falls, the Lungati Reserve, and the Nyungwe Game Reserve.

The Zambezi River is the major transport and communication route between the eastern and western sides of Zambia. Victoria Falls attracts millions of visitors from around the globe every year. Many visitors prefer to remain in the capital city of Zambia to explore the various other tourist destinations in Zambia and the surrounding area.

A number of safari tours are available to explore the exciting and diverse wildlife of southern Africa and the Victoria Falls. Most tourists who have explored Zimbabwe visit the Victoria Falls, but some may choose to go to Zambia’s other two most famous attractions, the Zimani Gate and the Lungati Reserve. Most visitors to Zambia and Africa come to these two destinations during the dry season between June and August each year.

Elephants are one of the main species to see at both the Victoria Falls and the Zimani Gate. On the Zimani Gate, you can view the four-year old Chobe the big five. The four-year old home is the biggest elephant in Zambia and is also one of the rarest. The Chobe is so rare that no one has captured a picture of it or managed to track down its exact whereabouts.

In addition to elephant safaris, there are many other exciting attractions for tourists to choose from in Zambia and south Africa during the dry season. Some of the other popular activities include horse safaris, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, camping and sightseeing at several hot spots around the country. The dry season is a great time to travel to Zambia and Africa and to see some of the best that the country has to offer.