Zambia Tourism Industry on the Rise

Zambia Tourism is growing tremendously and now has become one of the top three tourist destinations in Africa. Zambia is blessed with a superb range of nature attractions that appeal to every kind of traveller. There are many more too and each highlights different aspects of Zambia tourism, making it a zestful destination for all. Some other interesting aspects of Zambia tourism are its picturesque scenery, vibrant nightlife, friendly people, and stunning cuisine. What more could you ask for?

Zambia, in eastern Africa, is a beautiful landlocked nation of varied landscape and varied culture, with some famous parks and safaris areas. At its border with Zimbabwe is renowned Victoria Falls – a huge waterfall, which stands in an immense depression in the Zambezi River that reached heights of more than 8 metres. Waking to the “thundering” footsteps of the indigenous Zimbabwe people who once used the Victoria Falls as their home, Victoria Falls attracts millions of tourists every year. Just within its boundaries Zambia has other spectacular natural attractions such as Lake Naivasha, the massive Salisbury Plain, and the Volcanoes National Park. Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, was created through the actions of God on purpose. On the border it shares a 90-kilometre area with Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in the world with regard to infrastructure and development.

The Victoria Falls receives millions of visitors every year and most of them are enthusiastic safari seekers. Victoria Falls attracts local and foreign visitors who come to witness the awe-inspiring view of the river and the impressive mountain range. Some of the other Zambian attractions include: the Gaboroe Falls, the Chobe National Park, the Selous and the Mikumiya national parks. In order to get the best view of all these Zambian attractions, you should organize a tour to Zambia. You will find many different tour operators offering affordable tour packages to Victoria Falls, to offer the tourists a truly memorable experience.

Victoria Falls attracts both local and foreign tourists, from all over the world, because of its unique characteristic and beauty. Victoria Falls attracts people from all walks of life. It is a great place to enjoy a holiday break. It offers a wide variety of accommodation options, which includes hotels, guesthouses, camping sites, caravan parks, lodges and camping grounds, and other tourist facilities. One of the most popular destinations for Victoria Falls tourists is the Zimbali National Park, where there are various interesting and thrilling attractions such as the Zimbali Falls and the Ndutu Falls.

Many tourists who come to Zambia for Victoria Falls have to stay in a guest house or lodge. There are many different types of accommodation options available in Zambia, ranging from backpackers houses to luxury lodges and campgrounds. Most of the guest houses and lodges offer good accommodation and basic amenities such as a private swimming pool, internet connection, television, and telephone access. However, if you prefer luxury and comfort, you can choose to stay in one of the many national parks in Zambia.

Victoria Falls attracts a large number of international and domestic tourists from all over the world. The Zambian government has worked hard to promote tourism and attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Victoria Falls is the pride of Zambia and is known the world over for its amazing natural attractiveness and unique wildlife. The following information will help you plan a Zambia tour and explore the incredible Victoria Falls attractions.

Tourism is the number one economic activity in Zambia. Approximately, two million tourists visit Zambia every year. The bulk of the tourists that visit Zambia come from countries other than the United Kingdom. According to the 2021 Zambia Travel and Tourism Report prepared by the Tanzania government, the Zambian tourist industry attracts over six hundred and twenty thousand tourists every year. Approximately eight percent of this total is foreign tourists. The most popular cities that are used as gateway destinations by Zambian tourists include: Dushanbe, Kilimanjaro, Letstebayi, Kigali and Magaluf.

Tourism revenue is anticipated to increase by four percent over the next twelve months as more people become aware of the amazing attractions of Zambia. This increase will provide a solid base for the flourishing Zambian tourist industry. Over the last few years, the Zambian government has worked very hard to improve the general infrastructure of the country. The Zambian government is also working hard to develop alternative sources of income so that the current levels of development of the tourism industry can be sustained in the long term. These efforts have seen the introduction of a mixed economy where the private sector is playing an active role in the development process of the country.